The Realm of Gauxxisus




In an infinite void sits the palace of Gauxxisus. On the wall of its main hall sits a giant eye. The Eye belong to Gauxxisus, it moves freely with the fluidity and sound of flesh despite being made of stone. In this main hall any rule can be passed by any being who Gauxxisus deems worthy. Usually only beings of immense power may write these rules and Gauxxisus will turn them into law, regardless of their ridiculousness. The law can only affect the palace of Gauxxisus or any being that is within its halls. From killing a guest of the palace, blessing god hood, or simply destroying the palace itself.

Though it happens quite often. From beyond the windows of the palace is not simply an empty void. The Realm of Gauxxisus is littered with palaces. All slightly different in their design. Carvings on the wall, different rooms or layout, or different material or texture. Infinite possibility in their design but with a single similarity; The eye of Gauxxisus in the main hall. Its windows filled flashy explosions brighten the realm and bringing sound. Each explosion either from a palace being destroyed somehow or a new one being created to replace it.

Maybe the last explosion was caused by heroes trying to save the day? Or maybe a villian who wanted to have the last laugh? Who knows?

Each palace layout is random. With halls and chambers thrown about with a lack of intelligent design. Though some palaces may seem to be designed due to the nature of random possibilities. It could have a size of a grand tower or simply lack extra rooms at all.

Most palaces are inhabited by creatures called the servants. Some servants are intelligent enough and could even be reasoned with. While others would act like savage beasts. The servants too are tied to the laws of the palace. Other creatures can be found in a palace as well. A lost demon or a wizard who misinterpreted a magical rune. Or simply summoned by Gauxxisus or a ruler within the palace.

In the main hall in front of the eye sits a scroll. Written on the scroll is the laws currently placed upon the current palace or the creatures in the palace. If viewed it will display in a readable language that the viewer can understand and will even change to show relevant information as if it knows what the viewer wishes to see. A master can simply write on the scroll new or redacted laws. If The scroll is destroyed, it will regenerate slowly. If for any reason the scroll cannot be accessible to a master for a prolonged amount of time, Gauxxisus may self destruct the palace.

“Gauxxisus is not evil or benevolent being. It is both chaotic in its design as well as lawful in its execution. Its servants are both masterless, and yet exist for this moment of servitude to me and my will. Gauxxisus is not good or malevolent, It simply exists to grant MY wishes.”

The Realm of Gauxxisus

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