The Legend

Legendary figure of many tales


Common Knowledge:
Nowadays the Legend and their tales stand to represent the most noble and selfless acts one can do for the better of others. They inspire others to take up the mantle to make the world a better place by instilling heroic and noble virtues among those who hear the tales. Many adventurers have taken up the trade as a result of such tales and aim to live up to the example set by their childhood hero. It is perhaps a result of this cycle that the Legend and their stories exist. Not as the heroic deeds of a single individual but rather the culmination of many heroes, doing their part to keep the spirit of the Legend and all that they stood for alive in the world.

General Information
Alignment: Lawful Good

Usual Location: N/A



The myth of the Legend has been around as long as anyone can remember. The tales and exploits told to children from around the land. For many people, the tales of the Legend are the first stories they ever learn and it is these stories that inspire future tales. Over time the Legend has evolved into a more nebulous concept. Literary scholars are unsure of the exact origin point or if there even ever was a historical figure linked to the Legend. There are many claims that the Legend still lives on and ventures around the land helping those in need. While there are reports of many adventurers and nomads claiming to be the Legend. No doubt it is for these reasons there is no definite consensus concerning the myth.

The Legend

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