Half Elf Druid, Guide to Radrein Experience, High Druid


Why did your character become an adventurer?
She isn’t really. She travels the forest where she lives. Traveling with the Radrien Experience happened by pure chance.

Who or what is most important to your character?
The holy Sidhe, the entrance to the Mag Mell fairy realm, which her Circle protects and safeguards.
Who is their worst enemy, and what did they do to your character?
A particularly mean, and fat, Imperial Noble who ran a logging encampment, and captured Deunen as she attempted to sabotage the milling operation. Her druid circle saved her before she was sent to the city in chains.

What is one place that your character never wants to visit again?
She tries to steer clear of whats left of the encampment.

What would make your character the happiest they’ve ever been?
To push back the encroaching industrialization of the Imperium.

Deunen is a half-elf who worships the fairy goddess Titania. She was raised among a druidic cult deep in the forests
across the mountains from the Imperial City it is a land that has stayed untouched despite it’s relative proximity
to the city. Many say this is because the forest is not fully in the realm of the mortals, but melds into the spirit realm.
To hear it from Duenen’s Circle, The land is a gateway to the Tir Na Nog, land of the Fairy.
They guard a Sidhe, A portal to they believe the the fairy world. It is not a place that can be searched for, it can
only be found by those who are lost and given guidance by those who know the way.

Duenen fears the imperial city is encroaching too deeply upon the forest. Mystic protection or not, when the forest is
gone, so is the magic. To this end her most desired dream is to secure the peace of her home. Whether that is through
peaceful means or not remains to be seen. Even something as destructive as a fire is needs to bring new life.

While Duenen has yet to be to the Imperial City proper, when she was younger, she came across a logging village
under the direction of an Imperial Noble. Duenen was horrified at the destruction of the surrounding wildland.
Sneaking into the village, she intended to quietly stop the operation, but was promptly captured. Before she could be
shipped off to jail in the city, Duenen was saved by her Circle. While the operation was shut down, the noble
managed to escape. While she doesn’t know his name, Deunen still remembers his corpulent, sneering face.
At present Deunen traverses the forest alone. She usually prefers to stay close to the Sidhe however.
Often times tending the lands directly. When she does travel she always carries a an fetish venerating the Goddess made from
natural material from the area. As it never decays Deunan believes whole heartedly that it is proof of Titania’s blessing.
Although the Circle is unified in their common goal of protect the forest and the Sidhe they only convene on spiritual days
and in dire importance.
The younglings or the Circle are either found by the them or are born from the coupling of druids are
raised by all, traveling and learning with differentmembers of the enclave as they age.
Although raised by all, Deunen was found in the forest buy the Sidhe, considered a a gift
from the Queen Titania. Despite her upbringing she has never seen another half-elf, or half-breed of any kind.

Key Notes:
The Sidhe is a barrow and standing stones in a clearing. This is considered the entrance to the Fairy World, during holy nights.
Although venerated, it’s believed if you enter the other side, you are spirited away. Never to return.
Tir Na Nog is the Land of Youth. Also Mag-Mell is another term.
No non-druid can seek the Sidhe themselves. They must be guided there. Even if there by “chance” it would been seen as the fairies
guiding them. Deunen does not know the name of the imperial noble who jailed her.
Deunen will be intensly curious if she runs across other half-breeds.
She is open to peace, but violence is a part of nature. If it will restore the forest, she will use it against the Imperial City.
Think of the Circle as sort of like the Ents from LOTR. they commune and meet yes, but usually work alone.
While the forest goes very near the city, it is large and expansive. The area Deunen usually gaurds, (the Sidhe) is on the other side of a small mountain. Not more then 2 days walk.
Whatever the rest of the world believes about the Nature Icon, to the circle they see it as Titania. Nature is nature in the end i suppose.
oh, we see here as the Queen of the Verdant court


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